Scripture Placement

Partners of The Bible Network help by providing God’s Word to people around the world who complete a series of Bible studies designed to lead them from evangelism to discipleship. The strategy behind the studies is based on the story in Acts 8, where Philip explains an Old Testament passage to a traveling Ethiopian, who then accepts Christ:

“Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. “How can I,” [the Ethiopian] said, “unless someone explains it to me.” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.
(Acts 8:30-31)

We teach Christians from local churches around the world how to explain the Good News to family members, friends, neighbors, and others in their communities through Bible studies. As new believers study side-by-side with local Christians, their understanding of Scripture increases, their relationships with local churches deepen, and their new faith is fed by fellowship with other church members. When those people finish the studies, they receive their own copies of God’s Word, which they can then share with others.

The Key is Discipleship

Discipleship combined with Bible study is essential for nurturing faith. Without it, such faith is like a seed on rocky soil—it cannot last without roots. Our Bible studies supply fertile soil.

In 2008, partners of The Bible Network placed 18,332,538 Scriptures with people around the world who hunger for His Word. Since 1938, partners of The Bible Network have provided God’s Word to people in more than 60 countries, and in over 700 languages. But millions of people are still waiting for their own Bible.

You Can Help

You can help by providing bibles to China, including Bibles for Children and Study Bibles for church leaders. Each gift of £10 will provide 1 Bible for a Chinese Christian and 1 Study Bible for a Chinese Church Leader and 1 Children’s Story Bible for a child in China. You can help build the church in China. Your investment includes all printing and shipping costs. Click here to make a donation today.

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God’s Word is Powerful

God's Word is powerful. When people share it, God can transform lives and communities.